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Who Are Our Coaches?


An outstanding speaker, Aaron has won awards for improvised, evaluative, and prepared speaking. He was a quarterfinalist for the Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking in 2021, and District Champion of International Speech and Evaluation in 2021 and 2019 respectively. He’s an enthusiastic teacher to aims to entertain his students while educating them, striving to make speaking something his students will enjoy. 



Connor is an award-winning public speaker with over 6 years of experience in leading classes, clubs, training sessions, and events. His confidence, attention to detail, and charisma allow him to lead, educate, and entertain consistently, irrelevant of situation. Connor has significant experience teaching in both English and Mandarin, allowing him to connect with audiences almost anywhere. 


After being almost homeless several years ago, David Fisher is now an award-winning international speaker and author. He has over a thousand hours of stage time and has spoken to a variety of organizations including: Cirque Du Soleil, Be Inspired, TEDx, IM Communications in Indonesia, Toastmasters Conferences, Supply Chain Canada, Transition and Orientation Professionals, and Create Change Now. He has coached other speakers for events such as Future V, Get Inspired, TEDx Stanley Park, and Tony Robbins Power of Success.



Gwen of One Conversation Coaching & Facilitation helps people resolve issues to achieve their goals. Her public-speaking engagements include “Happiness is a Paradigm Shift” for TEDxBCIT and she was the Head Speaker Coach for two cohorts of TEDxECUAD at Emily Carr University. Gwen taught Communication and Public Speaking Courses at Langara College and the Vancouver School Board. Gwen cares for her students and happily goes the extra mile for them.


Kris has taught for nearly 40 years, having worked with children, youths and adults, for language (both for public speaking, and for English as a second language)  and music classes. She is the District Director of Toastmasters International District 123 and a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM). Her extensive experience has helped students of all levels improve their speaking skills.


Sam is currently pursuing his Juris Doctorate from UBC’s Allard School of Law. Sam is proficient in many aspects of law, with a particular proficiency in business law. Sam has been teaching youth since 2017, covering classes from financial and business courses, to public speaking and even chess. Sam aims to help students take a clear, analytical approach to the law, while still making it an interesting experience.


Anthony is a PhD student at UBC. He competed in the National Public Speaking Championships as well as in parliamentary debating, and placed 9th in the persuasive speech across Canada. In 2018, he placed second in Toastmasters Division International Speech contest. He was also recognized with an award for Outstanding Teaching Assistant at UBC.


Jenny is a Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM), a TEDx Coach and an experienced public speaker. She has twice been the 1st place winner of the Division Contest. Jenny has more than 9 years of experience and extensive knowledge on working with students from kindergarten to grade 12. Over the years, Jenny has worked with thousands of students, bringing out each student’s potential and confidence.

Why Future V?

The best leaders are great communicators. Our goal at Future V is to prepare the next generation of leaders to be communicators. Through our public speaking and leadership training we aim to build the confidence and speaking skills of the youth to give them the tools they need to succeed in a world that is increasingly requiring better and better soft skills. After finishing our program, our students are not just capable of crafting a speech, they’re capable of thinking on their feet, giving impactful feedback, persuading and teaching others, and much much more. By giving our students a broad skillset, we ensure that there is no situation they will face that they will struggle to speak in. Additionally, through our Canadian Moot Court Classes, we teach students the skills and knowledge to get a head start on a law degree, or just how the law touches their day to day lives. 

At Future V, we know that the parents need to be a part of the process. Our committed administrative team maintains close relationships with parents, both online and offline, ready to provide any support necessary. We strive to keep the parents informed of and engaged with their child’s progress, compiling report cards and feedback so parents can see the challenges and successes of their children. We also do our best to give our students speaking opportunities on larger stages, so they can hone their skills further. We’ve had students appear in national and international contests, as well as on TEDx stages, and more! We even hold our own annual public speaking contest together with the Warm Heart of Africa Foundation, which raises money and resources to help promote education in the African country of Malawi. 

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