Writing is a skill that we can all benefit from. It can help us to organize our thoughts, communicate clearly, and even entertain those around us. It’s a skill that is highly valued and sought after in schools and the professional world. At Future V, we believe that all of our students can benefit from writing skills which is why we offer writing classes. By teaching our students how to write, they are given the chance to find their passion for writing, and develop their own personal style and voice as writers.

Creative Writing

Creative writing is an essential skill for writers of any genre and any age. Learning how to creatively express yourself through writing will better help you organize and manage your thoughts, emotions, and experiences. This creative writing class is designed with one goal in mind: to create competent and confident creative writers.

Our classes are comprised of mini lessons, writing exercises, collaborative writing, reading, journalling, and sharing. Every class gives students an opportunity to write and share that writing with the class who then gives feedback. In order to improve, students must commit to writing at home during the week. ‘Home-play’ (homework), is assigned every week but beyond that it is up to each individual student to practice writing outside of class. Our classes are full of laughter and applause and uplifting experiences because creative writing can only happen in a safe and encouraging space.

In our class students will explore the following questions:

What is ‘good’ writing and how can we improve our writing to communicate what we feel and think?

What is the writing process?

What is poetry and what kinds of poetic forms can I use to creatively express an idea?

How does storytelling connect us and what techniques are used to construct meaningful stories?

What is creativity and why is it useful?

What are my challenges as a writer and what are my strengths?

The learning objectives are as follows

  • To understand the mechanics of poetry and storytelling
  • To find joy in the writing process and re-write often
  • To organize and structure ideas in creative ways
  • To find a personal voice and style
  • To receive and give constructive feedback
  • To play, make mistakes, and learn how to let go of the fear of writing
  • To brainstorm, pre-write, edit, re-write and revise 
Weekly Classes

Frequent classes allow for better learning.

Beginner Level

No prior experience is necessary.

Weekly Assignments

Weekly assignments give students the chance to find their own voice as a writer.

Constructive Feedback

Challenges and feedback designed to help students grow.

Real World Partnerships

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