Hangzhou Summer Camp

In the summer of 2019, one of our teachers, Aaron, took a trip around the world to visit Hangzhou, a city in the Zhejiang province of China. For two weeks, he taught two summer camps of students how to give prepared and improvised speeches, as well as how to handle school interviews. Despite some initial nerves, students eventually warmed up to his energetic style, and made it into an incredibly successful summer camp.

Throughout their time in the camp, students were constantly pushed to speak and participate. As they learned how to structure their speeches, they were asked to try their hand in crafting different aspects of the structure. Instead of merely seeing improvised speeches, they were pushed to try them out, speaking without any preparation! And of course, as they learned about how to answer interview questions, they were given questions that they had to wrestle with and try to answer. 

Throughout the week, this approach of learning from doing paid off. The students were constantly getting feedback on how to improve, and guided towards growth. At the end of the camp, they got the chance to perform in front of their parents in a showcase, where they performed exceptionally well. 

Aaron was endlessly impressed with their work ethic and creativity. He heard some phenomenal speeches, and saw incredible effort put into them. 

Luckily for Aaron, the students weren’t only hard working; they loved to have fun as well! They were kind enough to take him to a variety of places, including West Lake, the XiXi Wetland Park Musuem, and many wonderful restaurants!

By taking their teacher around Hangzhou, students were able to practice the communication skills they had been working so hard on throughout the summer camp. Additionally, they made sure that Aaron would want to come back some day!

Without a doubt, all of these students made great strides in their speaking and English skills, not to mention making a fantastic impression on their visiting teacher!

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