Students on Stage

On The Big Stage

Our students haven’t just stayed in the classroom. Many of them have taken the skills we teach and brought them to a bigger stage, sharing their voice and ideas with the world. Under the guidance of our teachers, these students have done everything from winning national contests, to speaking at conferences as renowned as TEDx Stanley Park. These kids have undeniably done incredible things, and we’re proud to have played a part in giving them the skills they need to make an impact on the world around them. 

Jenny, 11,, gave a speech at TEDxStanleyPark 2018, one of the largest TEDx conferences around the world. Being only in sixth grade, she became the youngest speaker to ever speak at this event. She showed confidence, skill, and energy that won over the audience easily, and allowed her to deliver a compelling presentation, that received multiple rounds of applause. 

Briana, Grade 8, has been invited multiple times to participate in the UBC Walter Gage Toastmasters Gala as a guest speaker. Her charm and humour impressed all of the audience members. She was praised for “speaking better than most adults.” Briana is also the champion in the public speaking contest “Future Star”, and she became one of youngest speakers on Get Inspired Talks (

At only 9 years old Ryan was asked to give a 3 minute unprepared testimony. Instead of panicking, Ryan stayed cool and calm, giving a well delivered speech that left the judge saying he could see him “becoming an exceptional lawyer in the future.” Ryan’s parents said that he was able to make his speech “because of his training in the Future V classroom. He was prepared so well to apply his skills when needed. We are so grateful for the teachers and all the care and guidance provided.” Additionally, Ryan has recently been accepted as a speaker at TEDxYouth Semiahmoo Secondary.

Future V Speech Contest

Jeffrey, a 10th grader, won the CYFA Youth Business Proposal Competition, speaking with eloquence and poise. Not only that, he also attended The Stanford University Pre-college Studies twice and was recognized by his teacher for his outstanding public speaking skills. Jeffrey attributed his wonderful summer school experience and successes to his training at Future V.

Ella won 1st place in the Canadian International Youth Speaking Contest, wowing the audience with her high energy delivery and enthusiasm. Ella brings a big personality on stage that brings audience’s endless amusement and enjoyment. 


Yirui placed second in the Canadian International Youth Speech Contest when she was a 7th grader. Her vivid speech left a deep impression on the entire audiences.

What They Say About Us

“Your program is one of the few that can truly help children and actually works.”

“My girl gradually grew from a timid cat to a confident young lady. Besides public speaking skills she has also learned the necessary social etiquette for communication.”
 “My child received all A’s in the school project presentation.”
“I am so excited to see that this class not only taught my child how to speak, but also shaped his personality.  He finally opened himself up and started to communicate with our family and his classmates…”
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