Students on Stage

On The Big Stage

Our students haven’t just stayed in the classroom. Many of them have taken the skills we teach and brought them to a bigger stage, sharing their voice and ideas with the world. Under the guidance of our teachers, these students have done everything from winning national contests, to speaking at conferences as renowned as TEDx Stanley Park. These kids have undeniably done incredible things, and we’re proud to have played a part in giving them the skills they need to make an impact on the world around them. 


Jenny, 11, gave a speech at TEDxStanleyPark 2018, one of the largest TEDx conferences around the world. Being only in sixth grade, she became the youngest speaker to ever speak at this event. She showed confidence, skill, and energy that won over the audience easily, and allowed her to deliver a compelling presentation, that received multiple rounds of applause. 

TEDxYouth@GranvilleIsland 2021

In June 2021, a number of our students took to the big stage at TEDxYouth@GranvilleIsland. Sharing messages on everything from learning, to family, to identity, and even digging a snow cave, their talks inspire, inform, and entertain in equal measure, take a look below!

Shine Wu

Elizabeth Zou

Yiheng Li

Kelly Huang

Belle Zhang

Daniel Liu

William Yan

Mark Ji

Get Inspired Talks

Created by Roger Killen, Get Inspired Talks is a platform designed for speakers to inspire those in their communities to take actions. 5 of our students took part in event, sharing their ideas, and giving others the opportunity to push themselves to be better. Click on the images below to watch their talks!


What They Say About Us

“Your program is one of the few that can truly help children and actually works.”

“My girl gradually grew from a timid cat to a confident young lady. Besides public speaking skills she has also learned the necessary social etiquette for communication.”
 “My child received all A’s in the school project presentation.”
“I am so excited to see that this class not only taught my child how to speak, but also shaped his personality.  He finally opened himself up and started to communicate with our family and his classmates…”
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