Public Speaking

The ability to speak allows us to build connections with the people around us. The focus of our curriculum is to give our students the communication skills necessary to build strong bonds with the people around them. Our 10 level program focuses on expanding circles of connections, starting with “Me”, then moving to progressively larger groups (You, We, Us, Society).

Our program is more than just a public speaking class. On top of learning how to build a speech, change our voice, use our body, and create emotional, engaging impromptu, prepared, and evaluative speeches, we also teach a variety of leadership skills. From building confidence, to leading with emotional intelligence, and even how to compromise and teach, we cover a wide range of techniques and concepts that help our students to uncover their own speaking and leadership style.

All of our teachers are experienced in teaching children, not to mention excellent speakers. They are trained to give feedback that is tailored to each students needs, helping them to improve and overcome whatever challenges they may face on the road to becoming an exceptional speaker and leader.

What Students Will Learn
  • How to speak and present with confidence and charisma.
  • Different speaking styles, including motivational, persuasive, improvised, evaluative, and more!
  • Skills and concepts necessary to become a likeable and effective leader.
  • How to prepare interesting and impactful speeches for any situation.
Key Skills and Concepts
  • Prepared speaking
  • Impromptu speaking
  • Effective Evaluation
  • Leadership
Convenient Classes

Classes in locations across the Lower Mainland.

All Levels Welcome

Program caters to all levels of speakers.

Weekly Assignments

Weekly speech assignments designed to help students practice skills and concepts from class.

Constructive Feedback

Challenges and feedback designed to help students grow.

The Curriculum

Our ten level curriculum is designed to teach students all aspects of speaking, giving them a well rounded foundation of communication skills on which they can build their relationships off of. The simple goal of our curriculum and materials is to teach the children how to build connections with those around them, and the importance of those connections in life. The ten levels are broken into five sections, “Me, You, Us, We, and Society,” each focusing on a progressively larger circle of connections. By the end of our program, students have learned to have faith in themselves, as well as how to connect with groups large and small. 

Level 1: Overcoming Fears

Curriculum 1

Level 2: Sharing Ideas

Curriculum 2

Level 3: Building Connections

Curriculum 3

Level 4: Leading With Emotion

Curriculum 4

Level 5: Motivating a Team

Curriculum 5

Level 6: leading in The Real World

Curriculum 6

Level 7 Providing Powerful Feedback

Curriculum 7

Level 8: Helping Others Learn

Curriculum 8

Level 9: Building an Argument

Curriculum 9

Level 10 The Art of Compromise

Curriculum 10

Real World Partnerships

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