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Future V is happy to build a program around your needs. Contact us to get started! We can either create something new for you, or we can build off of one of the programs listed below.

One Hour a Day

Length: 15-20 Classes, 1 hour per class

Skill Level: Beginner

The One Hour a Day program is designed to use a high frequency of classes to help students new to speaking master the basics. Aimed at beginners, students will learn the fundamentals of writing, preparing, and presenting a speech. Speaking topics will focus on what the speakers already know – using stories from their lives, or topics they already find interesting. On top of basic speechwriting, preparation, and basic delivery this program is also designed to help build the confidence of new speakers. This program is a great fit for a summer/spring break/winter break camp!

What Students Will Learn
  • How to structure speeches and stories
  • Effective speech preparation and memorization techniques
  • Delivery basics, including voice and body language
  • How to show confidence while speaking in front of an audience

Speaking in The Real World

Length: 10 Classes, 1.5 hours per class

Skill Level: Any

There are many speaking situations that crop up in the real world, some of them common (sales interactions) and some less common (speaking at weddings). Either way, we all end up speaking regularly. This program focuses on preparing students for some of those real world speaking situations that appear. Everything from accepting awards, giving wedding and funeral speeches, all the way to sales presentations will be covered in this program. Each week will focus on different speaking situations and the skills, structures, vocabulary, and special techniques required to succeed in those scenarios. This program can be done as a short term camp over a break, or over a longer term once a week.

What Students Will Learn
  • How to prepare for the different speaking situations they may find themselves in in life
  • Different methods for connecting with a variety of audiences in different situations
  • How to manage speaking at major events like weddings, funerals, ceremonies, and more!
  • A variety of methods to entertain audiences in a variety of situations

Preparing for The TEDx Stage

Length: 20 Classes, 1.5-2 hours per class

Skill Level: Experienced

For those students who are looking to spread a powerful message, or gain something that will make their resume/college application shine, this camp aims to prepare a student to present on a global stage. This program takes students through every step of the preparation process – from collecting and identifying the story/topic they want to use, through scripting, editing, and polishing their talk, all the way to perfecting the delivery so they’re ready to apply to an event. This program works well as a once a week class, as it will give the students time to effectively prepare for each step in the writing process.

What Students Will Learn
  • How to identify stories and topics that will stand out on a TEDx stage
  • Audience awareness tips that will help a speaker to customize their speech for any TEDx
  • Script writing and editing skills to create a well crafted and polished speech they will be proud of
  • How to properly plan and practice highly effective speech delivery

Think Fast & Talk Smart

Length: 10 Classes, 2 hours per class

Skill Level: Intermediate

Improvised speaking is simultaneously one of the most challenging types of speaking, and one of the most common. In day to day life, we all end up improvising most of the things we say. This class aims at making improvised speaking easier, both by giving skills to help students think on their feet, but also how to reduce the amount of improvising they actually have to do when they are asked a surprising question. After this program students are able to not only come up with answers quickly, but also to come up with answers that seem well prepared. This program can work either as a once a week class, or something done in daily sessions.

What Students Will Learn
  • How to buy time when being asked a difficult question
  • Skills necessary to come up with satisfying answers quickly
  • Methods of giving impromptu responses that require almost no improvising
  • Ways of structuring responses to make them seem prepared without actual preparation time

Speaking in Nature

Length: One 5 day week, 5 hours a day

Skill Level: Any

One of the best ways to practice speaking is to respond to the world around us. This program is designed to get students out into the world, visiting a variety of parks, museums, and cultural hotspots to give them a chance to speak about the world they live in. Activities include hikes, tours, sightseeing, and a variety of sports, all paired with topics, questions, and lessons on public speaking and leadership. This gives students a powerful opportunity to try applying speaking to the things that interest them in the world around them. Due to the nature of this program, it is only available during the summer months.

What Students Will Learn
  • How to find topics and ideas in the world around them to discuss
  • How to use the environment to improvise effectively
  • An array of real world speaking skills they can apply in any situation
  • Tips for speaking on subjects they may not be familiar with while still being confident

Grizzly Bear Spirit and 10 Interesting Canadian Legal Decisions

Length: 10 Classes, 2 hours per class

Skill Level: Any

This is a great place to start for aspiring lawyers! Students will dive into 10 fascinating legal decisions made by the supreme court of Canada, and go through the cases and see if they agree with the highest court in the land. Students will learn how to think critically about cases, not just looking from their own perspective, but understanding the perspective of the law. Each class will involve learning the facts of a case, and then getting a chance to actually argue it with their peers. This program is built around students being split into the two sides of each case to see if they can argue it as well as (or better!) than the actual lawyers who argued the real cases. At the end of this program students will have a taste for what the law is really like, and how real lawyers and judges make decisions that change the way our society is run! This program can be run either as a short camp, or over a longer period once a week.

What Students Will Learn
  • How to understand the language of the supreme court of Canada
  • The methods used by real lawyers to build arguments around real issues
  • Where the law can be seen interacting with day to day life
  • How the actions of judges and lawyers shape society every day

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