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Future V is partnered with V+ Education to offer online public speaking and writing courses. Future V’s coaches in Canada bring our curriculum and powerful teaching techniques to anywhere where our students may be, be it China, or anywhere else worldwide. These classes are provided in a convenient and affordable way to primary and secondary students everywhere.

Headquartered in Shanghai, V+ Education is dedicated to the online education of children and youth, providing English reading, writing, speaking, mathematics, and social studies classes. 

Public Speaking

As with our in-person public speaking classes, our focus is on giving students a chance to find their own voice. We provide a place to practice leadership skills and speaking techniques that can help our students become the influencers of the next generation. Our coaches help students to overcome whatever challenges they face with tested feedback techniques, and instruct the students using our “Connections” curriculum. Through our speaking classes we’ve seen hundreds of students go from a deep fear of public speaking to powerful communicators, able to win contests and present on even the biggest of stages. 

On top of these speaking skills, students will learn what it means to be a great leader. Each speaking concept is paired with a leadership value that will help students to not only become great communicators, but also phenomenal leaders. Our curriculum is based on a series of expanding circles, starting with “Me” where students build their confidence. The next circle is “You” where students learn how to make connections with each other, or small groups. After that, the “We”, and “Us” circles help the students to build up to progressively larger networks of connections, ultimately ending in the “Society” circle, where students learn how to interact with the communities in which they live. 

Public speaking is a skill that lasts a lifetime. Irrelevant of field, or interest, public speaking plays a role. By learning how to use their speaking skills, students will not only be learning how to speak, but they’ll be learning how to make an impact on the world around them. 


What Students Will Learn
  • How to speak and present with confidence and charisma.
  • Different speaking styles, including motivational, persuasive, improvised, evaluative, and more!
  • Skills and concepts necessary to become a likeable and effective leader.
  • How to prepare interesting and impactful speeches for any situation.
Key Skills and Concepts
  • Prepared speaking
  • Impromptu speaking
  • Effective Evaluation
  • Leadership
Convenient Classes

Classes from the convenience of your own home!

All Levels Welcome

Whether you're an expert or a novice, we have a class for you!

Weekly Assignments

Weekly assignments give students the chance to practice the concepts taught in class.

Constructive Feedback

Challenges and feedback designed to help students overcome the obstacles they face.

Convenient Classes

Classes from the convenience of your own home!

Ages 7 and Up

Beginner and expert writers welcome!

Engaging Assignments

Assignments will engage student's interests and help them to learn.

Effective Coaching

Personalized feedback based on a students needs and challenges.


Our online writing class is focused on the skills our students will use for the rest of their lives. To be able to write clearly and quickly can give them an edge in academia and the professional world. Through writing we can entertain, persuade, inform, and connect with people all over the world, reaching people we never would have had the chance to otherwise. 

In our classes our teachers focus on discussion based learning, allowing students to learn by doing. In each class, students will be given prompts on writing assignments, time to write something, and an opportunity to discuss answers. Additionally, teachers will provide immediate feedback. By giving students immediate, personalized feedback they can see where and how they can grow. 

Through this discussion/feedback system, students will learn how to dissect a piece of writing, be it their own, or someone elses, and improve on it, giving them an edge in the editing process. Put simply, students will learn how to create their own, unique pieces of writing in their own voice, instead of just memorizing someone else’s style. Each student will be able to distinguish themselves with their writing in the academic, or professional world. 

What Students Will Learn
  • How to come up with topics for a piece of writing.
  • Different types of writing, including essays, reports, and more!
  • Skills and concepts necessary to become a compelling and convincing writer.
  • How to make any piece of writing interesting for a reader.
Key Skills and Concepts
  • Essay Writing
  • Brainstorming
  • Organization
  • Spelling and Grammar

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