Students In Class

The Classroom

At Future V we believe a classroom should be a place where students can have fun. After all, if a student is enjoying themself, then they’re much more likely to return and learn! Every class with every teacher is a positive experience for students, and when a student says that they legitimately look forward to our classes in a week, we couldn’t be more proud. 


Congratulations to Our Most Recent Group of Graduates! Good Luck Out There, Make Us Proud!

Our teachers are all incredibly proud of all the students who enter the classroom. It isn’t easy to take a dive into public speaking, and we have a tremendous amount of respect for the fact that they so enthusiastically take part.

For the past two years, we’ve been lucky enough to have Dr. Renee Jacobs come into our school and give a masterclass. These are fantastic opportunities to give the students a new level of understanding on a part of speaking and communicating. We’re grateful to Dr. Jacobs for her continued support and assistance!

Part of the weekly ritual at Future V is that every student gives a speech. Sometimes they’re prepared, sometimes they’re improvised, but no matter what, they’re done! We have a firm philosophy of learning by doing, and these weekly speeches are a great example of that. 

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